Camp out of Games, Pizza, Fire and a Movie

Camp out of Games, Pizza, Fire and a Movie

March 13th-14th Campout is closing sign ups on Monday

What is it?  Games/Pizza/Bonfire/Smores/Movie

Where is it at? Teter Retreat

What time does it start? 1:00 pm (Be sure you have eaten lunch before)

When does it end? 10:00 am Pick up

What does it cost? $10 

When does sign ups close on? Monday the 8th.

You will going to Teter Retreat to play some games planned by the Scout Leadership, Eat pizza for dinner, Cook Smores/Marshmallows over a fire, and watch a movie.  Then into the tents until morning.

We will talk more about this tonight.  

If you currently have a troop tent you need to get it to the quartermaster by TODAY or if you are signed up for this campout, let him know asap.  

He knows who took which tent.  


Adam Rohn