Wagon Pulling at Conner Prairie

Hello Troop 101,

Welcome back from camp!  I hope you had a great week.  If you are thinking about how you will pay for next years trip or any of the other awesome camp outs the Troop goes on, I have just to the opportunity for you!  

Troop 101 has been helping Conner Prairie for years with Symphony on the Prairie, but helping the patrons move all of their gear to the spot they have for hearing the concert.  (and some think they are moving in permanently).  Conner Prairie provides the wagons used by the Scouts and other Wagon Pullers.  The only requirement is you must have an adult with you at all times and you must fill out and turn in the Waiver of Liability (attached below) the first time you pull each season. The Scout should be looking sharp in your Class A uniform and be ready to talk with the folks you are helping.  This is all done for tips so being friendly and asking about them (especially if you learn any of them were Scouts) can really help.  I do not know how this season will go, as they are limiting crowds to 4,000 (possibly 8,000 if it goes well) but there will only be 10 wagon pullers per show.  In the past, the tips have ranged paltry to a lot but tended to be in the $40-50 range.  All money earned should be turned in to the Troop Treasurer to be added to your Scout Account.

I have attached an FAQ that we put together that talks about this in greater detail or you can email me Mr Kozicki.

Since the first shows is this Friday night (6/25), I am hoping people will sign up right away and fill at least the slots in June and July.  For the early shows, we have 2 slots (so 2 wagons – 1 Scout and Parent each).  Later in the season we only have 1 slot per show.

Have a great week.    Awwwwww Yeah!!!!!   Wagon Pulling!!!

Mr K.