Troop Meeting Monday 1/17/22 – Different Location !!

Hello Troop 101,

It’s catapult time!  I can’t wait to see your designs and how they fare with launching marshmallows.  Mr. Rohn helped me and has planned a few games/competitions that involve your newly built catapult and these marshmallows.  if you would like to participate in those more information will be given out at the meeting.   Will you be launching for distance or knocking cups down?  I’m excited to see what he has in store for us. All materials will be provided. 

We have a location change so DO NOT go to the church.

Pack 315 will be joining in the fun so let’s make them feel welcome.

Just like last week to help keep everyone safe we will be wearing our masks over our noses while indoors during the meeting.  Thank you for being patient with this and remember this is better than a Zoom meeting or having to cancel entirely.

If you were exposed to or had direct contact with someone with COVID remember our Troop Policy is you must stay away for 2 full weeks.  If you didn’t come last week for this reason, you are still on quarantine, anyone exposed slice then you are as well.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at the South Harbor Clubhouse starting at 7:00 pm