Upcoming Adult Trainings

Hello Troop 101,

I wanted to pass along the following to all of you.  The scout shop has camping equipment available for rent.  See brochure for more information.  It’s a great way to try out gear before going out and buying.  

I know we have rented a hiking back pack with them before and it helped my middle son decide on what he needed for his trip out to Philmont.  Here is the link

Crossroads Outfitters Rentals.pdf

The second brochure is about wilderness first aid  and CPR-AED training.  It’s a great training class regardless if you are going on a high adventure trip.

Wilderness First Aid Brochure.pdf

Want to increase your knowledge of knot tying skills you could take the 

Marlinspike Skills 2022.  

In this class you will learn interesting and decorative knots along with many other practical knots.

Here is the link to register if you are interested. 


With any of the trainings please just let me know what has been completed so that we can get that entered in Troop Track.