Troop 101 Spring Fundraiser

Hello Troop 101,

Who’s ready for spring?!?  Sunshine, warmer temperatures and flowers! 

Who’s ready to fill up their scout account for campouts and summer camp?!? 

If this is you, then welcome to Troop 101’s spring fundraising event! 

From now, until May 15, friends and family can purchase over 60 different flower bulbs/items at:

Half of the advertised prices will go into your scout account!  At checkout, all the person has to do is put your name at the “Give Credit for this Sale to: _____________” prompt.

So that “Hot Pepper Seed Pack” that Uncle Craig buys for $14, gets you $7 into your scout account, but only if they put in your name!

Items purchased this way will begin shipping directly to your friends, after April 1.

If you would prefer to go door-to-door and polish your salesmanship, a second option is available.  Paper flyers will be available at Monday (March 7th) meeting.  There will be 16 items on the paper form that you can use to collect more orders.  The paper forms ARE ONLY for these 16 items, and may not be used for items on the website.  These orders (and the cash money) are due on March 28 at the meeting.  No late forms will be accepted.  Again 50% of your sales will go into your scout account!  These items will be shipped to me after April 1, and distributed at a future meeting for your dispersal. 


Liz Gruber