Mug Club

Hello Troop 101 Adults!
A couple of brief announcements for Mug Club. (Awww Yeah…Mug Club!)
First, due to other obligations that have come up, I will not be at the meeting on 9/25, so I am sending out a revised schedule. This new schedule also takes into account the Merit Badge classes the Scouts want to start on October 23rd.
The new schedule is:
09/25 – Open
10/2 – Merit Badge Counselor Training
10/9 – Youth Protection Training
10/23 –Scouting Life beyond the Ranks – what other awards and activities are out there?

Second, in the Mug Club on 9/11, I passed out a brief survey about what people would like to be doing in the Mug Club and in the Troop. Thank you to those that filled it out. If you did not get one or can’t find it, the Word document version of this is attaced.

Finally, related to Merit Badge Counselors, each counselor is required by the BSA to renew the list of badges that they counsel as well as fill out a BSA application specifically for being a Merit Badge Counselor. If you are already registered with the Troop in another capacity, you still have to fill out the form because the BSA loves forms. The good news is there is no fee to register as a MB Counselor. The code for being a Merit Badge Counselor is 42.
Both the yellow form for the specific Merit Badges and the BSA registration form will be available in the Mug Club starting on 10/2. I will also have the list of what badges each counselor is currently registered for, and which badges we have no counselor for.

Thank you for all that you do for the Scouts