Welcome Home Campers

Welcome Home Troop 101 Campers,

I wanted to say to you and that I’m very proud of how you handled last night. You all put in action many of the points of the Scout Law.  You trusted your adult leadership to keep you safe, you were helpful and courteous in remaining calm and quiet, you were kind to your fellow scouts that were scared and upset, and above all you were brave. Thank you for all you cooperation last night.

Now, as I know, since I brought it home, many of you have missing items.  I brought home a lot of gear.  I need to sort through it and I will bring to our next meeting ( June 28th).  We all can sing a group “Tea Pot”. 

We DO NOT HAVE a meeting this Monday.  Rest, play video games,  veg out, catch up on your sleep.

I had a great time with you all at camp. I think a week in the outdoors was just what everyone needed.  Camp Ransburg is absolutely one of my favorite places.  


Mrs. Baker