Campout December 2022

Mark your calendar!!  Just Gaming Campout is coming….

This is one of Troop 101 best campout.   

When?  Dec. 9th-11th

Where? Camp Kikthawenund in CABINS!!!!  Bunks will be first come first to get a bunk based on order of signing up….If you sign up to late…tent camping will also be available.

Cost?  $35 per scout, $24 per adult.

What is “Just Gaming Campout”?  Just ask a scout, they usually know.

We will meet on Friday evening.  This evening you can bring your games to play in the cabins.  Then on Saturday, the fun will really begin…We will go to the dinning Hall for the whole day.  This is where we will eat and play games and play more games and play more games.  You can also find a buddy or two and explore Camp K outside.

What kind of games?  Almost all games are allowed.  

Please remember “No internet is available”. 

We usually have Smash Bros and Mario cart going.  I am looking for one projector if someone would like to bring one please let me know.  They have two large screens and would love to have them both up and running.  Other games like Chess, Uno, Magic and many other board and card games.  We have scouts bring their own tv to connect their gaming system up.

The troop will vote on five games that will have a tournament for and the winner of each will be getting a prize.

Also, I will be coming up with around 5 games.  These games will be for the Grand Prize.  Each of my games you will win points.  The scout with the most points will take the Grand Prize.  The games I create will be able to be won by any scout or adult.  Last year some games where: using a dart gun to knock over cups or blow marshmallows with straws.  

This is going to be FUN….be on the outlook for more information.