Troop Meeting Monday – Teter

Hello Troop 101,

We have our toop meeting tomorrow at Teter at 7:00 pm

If you were on the campout please bring back your tent and foot print,  cleaned out, dry, and properly put away. Footprints should be neatly folded in a square.

 I’m excited for the next 4 weeks becasue we will be teaching you a valuable life skill.  Cooking!  There will be a lot of EDGE and hands on activities.  This will cover rank requirements as well as some of the Cooking merit badge. You all still should attend even if you have the rank requirements and merit badge, becaue you can always imporve your skills.  The bonus part of these meetings is you will get to eat the food we are making.

Tomorrow – Patrol boxes, camp stove set up, menu planning…….

July 17th – Camp Stove cooking   

 July 24th – Dutch Ovens, Foil packets, Pudgy Pies

July 31st – You ard your patrols will be taking your newly learned skills and will be cooking for us.  Cook-off style 

I look foward to seeing you tomorrow night.